Introducing the Electron

A cellular development kit with a simple data plan

Development Tools

Development tools that bring hardware into the web age.

Arduino-like development

Ever played with an Arduino? You'll feel right at home. Spark uses Wiring, the same code framework as Arduino.

Over-the-air firmware updates

Reprogram your Spark device wirelessly, and never worry about cables again.

A REST API for hardware

Interact with your hardware as if it were a web service like Facebook or Twitter. Use SparkJS to control your Spark device with Javascript.

Web IDE and Spark Dev

Write code in our Web IDE, or download Spark Dev, our professional IDE based on Github's open source Atom project.

Tinker: prototyping without code

Not a code monkey? Use Tinker to control your Spark device with a smartphone. No code required!

Open source hardware and software

Spark's developer tools are open source, hackable, and extensible.


It's all about the Cloud.

Spark OS is a distributed operating system for the Internet of Things that brings the power of the cloud to low-cost connected hardware.

Included for free with your Spark device.




Open source